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July 12th, 2007

dies mercurii XI julius MMVII

On July 11, 2006, I forget at exactly what moment, I think it was late at night, close to midnight, I promised myself that on July 11, 2007, one year from that day, I would try to make something beautiful.

Today was that day. go here : DIES MERCURII XI JULIUS MMVII

Didn’t matter what, didn’t matter where or how. Just make something, something beautiful and make it on July 11th. For the past week or two I tried to get out of town, go somewhere new, do something out of the routine of everyday life as everything is easier to look at that way. Nothing worked. It couldn’t have been a more routine day. I did nothing out of the ordinary except walk by and take a picture of the building I spent last July 11th and take my camera wherever I went. As you can see, I didn’t go far or do much.

I haven’t shot in black and white in over 10 years. I never just walk out the door and shoot in nyc. both of these things, b+w and nyc, infuriate me, so I figure put them together, and go look.


(fyi – images of pornography are included)

I made 494 images, 82 are in the portfolio.