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August 31st, 2011


I Am Running Out Of Time

(I Thought She Had A Scar Where She Did Not)

Never Sleep For Wanting Hours

(I Faked An Eclipse Because Of The Real One I Can Remember)

Something More Than Mockery

(I Came Through A Door Of Green Only When Requested To Do So)

– – –

August 29th, 2011


Little sparrow, little sparrow
Precious fragile little thing
Little sparrow, little sparrow
Flies so high and feels no pain
All ye maidens heed my warning
Never trust the hearts of men
For they will crush you like a sparrow
Leaving you to never mend
They will vow to always love you
Swear no love but yours will do

And then they’ll go on and court another

Break your little heart in two

Little sparrow, little sparrow
Precious fragile little thing
Little sparrow, little sparrow
Flies so high and feels no pain

Now if I were a little sparrow
O’er these mountains I would fly
And I would find him, I would find him

Look into his lying eyes

And I would flutter all around him
On my little sparrow wings
And I would ask him, I would ask him

Why he let me love in vain

But I am not a little sparrow
I am just the broken dream

Of a cold false-hearted lover
And his evil cunning scheme

Little sparrow, little sparrow
Precious fragile little thing
Little sparrow, little sparrow
Flies so high and feels no pain

But all ye maidens heed my warning
Never trust the hearts of men
For they will crush you like a sparrow
Leaving you to never mend

Little sparrow, little sparrow
Oh the sorrow never ends

– – –

August 28th, 2011

117 Degree Blizzard

Everything was okay as it ever was, yet I was up, pacing inside your castle. I watched you sleep as I stood by the window. Outside, it was snowing. It wouldn’t stop and it was beautiful. I didn’t want it to stop. The city was shut down, just like I liked it. I felt the draft of cold air all over my body. I shivered, you kept sleeping. I could see your almost naked through and around the sheets. I let the blind go closed, walked over to your bed and crawled in next to you.

You were warm.

– – –

Today my chariot told me it was 117 degrees outside my window.

August 26th, 2011


August 23rd, 2011

4:38 – 4:37

August 22nd, 2011


August 21st, 2011


August 20th, 2011


August 19th, 2011


August 18th, 2011


August 17th, 2011


August 16th, 2011


August 16th, 2011

This Place Sound

Silence Longer Than A Sound, Today, This Minute, Then Gone, Just Like That

August 16th, 2011


August 15th, 2011


August 10th, 2011


August 9th, 2011

All Hail

August 8th, 2011

Hyphen In The Line


I told you this would happen, then it did, for the again and the since, not just you. I don’t know how many times anymore, for I have lost count. I was the last before the hyphen. Now I don’t know, because I am not sure what I have seen, but that day you became his Mrs., you looked like you, but different. Your hair was different, it wasn’t like it was when I use to look at you, stare at you and press this forever button on my machine. I wasn’t looking today, I wasn’t even trying to see.

I didn’t want to see, but the + showed me against my will only what I already believed.

I didn’t mean to find these either, I had placed them far away for that forever distant, someday… I found them by happenstance, also, this same day.

– – –

– – –

– – –

– – –

You hated my forever machine, well, all forever machines.
It never bothered me, even when you confessed to me, that it bothered you.
I liked it when you let me see you through this machine sometimes.
I liked it when it made you cry with its weight.
You knew how heavy it can be.

Today is your birthday and this is what we looked like on my first together.
That day, my present was being allowed to look, forever. I still have the card, somewhere.

August 5th, 2011


August 3rd, 2011


This name I choose for myself, is the name of the murderous son of Eve.
This name I did not choose for myself, is the same name of your one love true.
This was not a surprise, the second you looked at me.

– – –

قايين | קין | Κάιν

August 1st, 2011

Like Wings On My Back

I was walking from the restaurant to my chariot, I had just made a photograph of myself and was about to hit that blue button to send it. I was standing by my chariot, about to unlock and enter the drivers door. I felt something on the back of my shirt, it felt like someone was almost trying to lift it up. Before I turned around, I thought to myself, I am alone, I parked here in this spot away from everyone, there was no one close, this I knew. It got more forceful, this flutter of my shirt started to become more violent. I leaned into my chariot just before I turned around to see what it was, my instincts had taken over, get away, get away, get away.

I started to run softly as I finally turned to see what it was and it didn’t register till I was in a full sprint across the parking lot. It was two wings, two talons and one beak. It was a small dark grey or black bird, I couldn’t really tell, it was behind me. I was still feeling it as I kept trying to get away, only it got more and more forceful. It was starting to hurt and now, I knew just what was happening. I kept running. I stumbled but it did not stop and the force grew stronger, I was now crawling on hands and feet trying to get out of my own way. It did not stop.

I got back to my two feet and sprinted this way and a little that way. It was always right there, on my back, scratching at me, attacking me. It would not stop. I started to run to the door of the restaurant and as I got close, it stopped. I stood still, I looked around, I could not see where my attacker had gone. I looked at my chariot, back across the small lot. It didn’t look that far, I thought to myself, I can make it. I took a few steps forward, all seemed well. I stepped off the curb, all seemed well. A car pulled up and blocked my path, this car was between me and the safety of my chariot. The drivers window went down a few inches and while laughing, the man inside next to his woman said, “Are you alright?”

“Yes, I think so, just scratches.”

I was about to say more when suddenly this man’s woman screamed while this man, he said to me sternly, “Look out!”

The attack resumed. I started to run around this man’s car back towards my chariot as I heard his tires squeal and then they were gone. It felt harder this time and higher, higher up my back and on the back of my neck, I felt feathers, I felt beak, I felt talons. I felt hate. I fell down almost back at my chariot, the attacker circled up and made a bigger circle in the sky. I then made it into the passenger side of my chariot.


I Never See It Coming

This is not just a story that is true and this is not a confession. This is something that happen, I wrote down.

This is my forever and you will have to try harder to remove my skin.

I know whose hand to ask for help making this electronic ink, deeper.