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September 25th, 2008

Pattern Recognition.

Pattern Recognition | Los Angeles | September 2008

Audio by John | Corpulent Procyon Lotor

September 23rd, 2008

I Have Cool Friends II.

got a book in the mail today from romain, it was unexpected. it made my day.

ONE, #13 of 50.

included with the book was an 8×10 print.

he knows my hatred of branding on items you are paying for, so i don’t know if all his books have this on the back inside cover or not, but he knew i’d notice this and just as i did and grunted about it out loud, i noticed his little note, just to me.

i have cool friends.

September 23rd, 2008

I Make One Fine Looking Lady.

please don’t send me websites that let you play with pictures, it’d hard enough getting things done.

although last time, i actually photographed myself myself, no internet help. i actually even did this three different times, once on film on black, once on film on black with a hairlight and finally, shooting it digital capture, my first digital shoot. not bad, no pshop, all straight shots. well, straight is relative when photographing yourself in wigs, but i still fancy myself quite the ladies man… even if i am beautiful as man or woman.

September 21st, 2008

154 Day Wait.

i have been waiting to see this since april 20th. i shot the FITASC and a prelim and then left for the weekend. turns out my FITASC score held on for first by one target. this win bumped me up into B class.

went down to M&M today to get it, well, that and shoot another tournament. i had no idea what it look like all this time, i just knew they said mailing it wasn’t a good idea. so i waited. it was a hard wait, i love winning trophies. it seems they are getting odder and odder too. the large events have some super crazy trophies, so it is for those i practice. someday, someday…. a belt buckle, a bronze buffalo, an eagle in full scream on a wood base…. PULL.

September 21st, 2008

16th Annual Delaware River Classic.

my 3rd time shooting the same event, first one i have done 3 times since i started 3 years ago. i went to get a trophy from the spring, but figured i should just shoot the competition as well. not ready, haven’t been shooting enough, but since the car was free and shells were long ago bought, sure, let’s do it.

did the MAIN and the FITASC. surprise, i got 4th in FITASC, just like last year and just like in almost all my major tournaments, i am in the first position that gets no money/trophy. if it goes to 5, i get 6, if it goes to 3, i get 4. clockwork, this has happen in over 10 events, including being 11th when it went to 10th in the K-Cup at Nationals.

6th of 24 in the MAIN, B class. i am a class higher now, so fine, didn’t expect much. i wanted to get an 80 or higher. i got my 80. second highest one day tournament score ever. i’d have to call this a good day, no $, no trophy, but a good day.

2006 | 2007

September 21st, 2008

5:30AM – 10:20PM.

wake up, get to hertz, rent car, drive back to apartment, shower, get gear ready, hit the tunnel, hit the turnpike, stop half way to M&M to get 30 min nap, arrive, sign up, practice round, shoot FITASC, shoot the MAIN event, eat lunch after the 4h of hiking with 40 lbs. of shells, check scores, get trophy from April, pack gear, hit turnpike, stop first rest area, 1.5h nap, back on turnpike, hit 3h of traffic, return car, eat more food, pack gear, download camera, write post.

September 19th, 2008

2 Shows in a Week.

my image, los angeles.

in the past week, i have been to two photography exhibits. i left both feeling a little kicked in the balls (in the bad way) after i was really excited to see one and kinda interested in the other, both for really different reasons but i went to both with an open mind and much excitement.

the first, at a major museum you have heard of showing a wonderful photographer you have certainly heard of. the show was dark and dramatically lit, which i liked. however if images are to be displayed in a dark or dramatic fashion, one or at least i, would think extra attention would be paid to how the images look in such an environment. this didn’t seem to be the case. cheap, highly reflective and warped plexi was used and i spent the show looking at the awful and warped reflections instead of the image in the frame itself. this wasn’t even the worst part. the plexi was so awful, that even viewing the images from across the room, what should of been a nice rich black in the photograph appeared purple. well done fancy major museum, i paid full price and you gave me half a show that if it weren’t for your piss poor display techniques, otherwise would of been great to see.

the second, which i promised myself i wouldn’t write about or mention to anyone, is now keeping me up as i just cannot believe what i saw and really couldn’t keep a secret if my whole life was on the line, i just cannot do it. (i really hope i am mistaken somehow for the record, but i think i am on target as i spent a lot of time and thought on this at the show).

it was a nice show, i would of been proud to have a show in the space if i was ever so fortunate and the crowd was happy and thick. i didn’t buy the book, but i was impressed at all the hard work and accomplishment of making it all happen, well done, truly. yet as i was waiting for friends, i peeked the book again. it just so happen there was an image right above the reception desk that was also in the book. i first looked at the reproduction in the book as it was done by a publisher you have certainly heard of and i wanted to see the quality since the print and book were only feet apart from each other. the reproduction was decent, but i could see differences. then it hit me, this is a different crop, no wait, the perspectives are a little different. no, it must just be a different crop. the image was relatively abstract so it was hard to see at first, so i kept studying it and looking at shapes around the edges. then it hit me again, the image is upside down. so i spun the large book around 180 degrees, yup, that’s it. either the image on the wall or the image in the book is upside down.

i couldn’t believe it. the perspective leads me to believe that not only is the image upside down in the book, it is a different crop as well. the different crop wouldn’t bother me in the slightest, but upside down, i just cannot find the words for, other then of course, wow, do i hope i am wrong. if i am wrong and if it still seems i could be so certain something is a miss, it’s still not a good thing. my only theory is that since its abstract, the only abstract in the project and not next to the print that often, the publisher/photographer didn’t even notice, liked it better upside down or couldn’t/wouldn’t reprint the book… or i am just wrong, but… um, ?

my image, los angeles.

September 19th, 2008


7:37PM – 8:28PM | los angeles.

September 19th, 2008

Carl’s Jr.

los angeles.

September 19th, 2008

Mr. Witten.

so last night i was watching good will hunting, sitting there thinking i should take a crack at ‘fine art math’ simply because the idea of such a thing seems about as top tier thinking that may exist, not to mention the shear beauty of the words ‘superstring theory’ and whatever it is that must look like, i bet its beautiful. all this appealed to me. that is as far of course as these thoughts went, it took me 14 years to get a BFA, that should tell you right there about my abilities with math.

in the film, the prize of Field’s Medal was tossed around. i thought it was made up as i don’t tend to know science awards as well as i know other random information. i am of course quite wrong i discovered today in researching and fact checking a man i photographed a few years ago that got requested from my library today. i remember going to the ‘Institute for Advanced Study’ and thinking it almost all seemed made up, i mean really, are people this intelligent?

they are, well, this man is, mr witten. he won the fields medal in 1990, the first physicist to win the prize. i knew the gravity of the man when i photographed him, but still, glad i didn’t read too much before hand, sometimes it’s not good to know exactly how much smarter then you someone is. not at first.

September 18th, 2008

Andy Adams.

Andy Adams is FLAK Photo.

I only ‘met’ him a few weeks ago, even though I have watched the site for months.

Got back from LA and it just so happen he was in town so I invited him over for a portrait, he agreed. It’s a random world, this is why I like to tell stories.

I have now photographed 58 people for With Out You.

September 15th, 2008

Phone Camera.

i HATE that my phone has a camera, i try to never EVER use it. yet sometimes i see something and end up using it anyhow as it is the only one within reach or i needed to send the image to someone, RIGHT NOW.

los angeles.

September 8th, 2008

9 months, 0 days, 22 hours, 21 minutes.

kreg & kate had a baby:
9 months, 0 days, 22 hours, 21 minutes after i made this image.

September 8th, 2008

The Day I Met Noah – 1.

September 8th, 2008

The Day I Met Noah – 2.

September 8th, 2008


Flak Photo & Andy Adams & another reason to love the internet.

a few months ago i came across flak photo. i don’t remember how, i am sure it was from looking at something somewhere and following a link from there to flak, or there to there to there to flak. either way, it then got added to the feed of 70+ that i read everyday.

i delete more feeds these days then i add, it should be the opposite. lately more and more feeds/sites are linking only what they found elsewhere and claiming it as their discovery or that they saw it first or they take credit for seeing it months ago when whatever it is hits more mainstream. nevermind that whatever is discussed is not their work or creation, it’s just something they saw online and relinked. i could never relate to this. there are fine lines to me about being a creative curator so to speak of good/smart/interesting work and just relinking what was found on another site many of the people reading your site also subscribe to. the noise out there was getting loud, repetitive or otherwise uninteresting.

what got me into flak is that it is exactly as it should be, a place where images/photographers are celebrated and shared without all the noise, condescending attitudes or one-upmanship so prevalent in sites that are about photography. while familiar with some of the work and unfamiliar with much more, it is all presented in a sensible pleasing way. a new image everyday is shared, links to books, shows, smart photographers, it’s all there in a way that is not only respectful of the work, it celebrates it in a way only the internet can share it. all done by a guy named andy in wisconsin who obviously loves photography as much as i do or anyone reading this does.

a couple months after i started reading flak, i got an email one day out of the blue. it was an invitation from andy to share something or make an ad for my stories vol. II. turns out he’d been watching my site as i had been watching his. the internet is as small as it is large so it turns out. i was impressed, flattered and got right on it. i made 8 banners and let him choose which he wanted, it’s up there now, go peek.

September 5th, 2008


Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting – New York City.

all i needed was to put a light on stand outside in NYC. just one. tripods are now called a ‘hand held device’ and do not require a permit. however, if that same tripod holds some sort of light device and not a recording device, film or still, you need a permit and $1,000,000.00 of insurance.

there is no still photography permit for this, you need a motion picture permit for your one light on a stand outside in NYC, your proof of $1,000,000.00 of insurance, a ‘key to city’ signed agreement and a form stating where you’d like to put this one stand with a light on it outside in NYC. all typed, all info in the correct box/space/form. one mistake, you must start over.

i need to put a light on a stand soon outside in NYC so i did it all, handed it in and was told to come back in 20 minutes. i gave them over an hour and went back. there was a problem, in all these pages of questions and filled out boxes, there was no space or question or line item where i was asked or instructed to inform them of my need for this one light outside on a stand in NYC, therefore, according to all this paperwork and trouble, i don’t need a permit. while filling out my motion picture permit forms for the second time i was surrounded by production professionals working for actual films and tv shows you all have heard of while i filled out the same papers they were for my one light on a stand outside in NYC.

i was then instructed that i was suppose to state my need for a light on a stand outside in NYC on the form where it asked me the address of the shoot. how i was suppose to know this is quite unclear.

also unclear, why the need for a permit at all, they are free. never mind all the other serious flaws in the entire process or why a camera on a tripod doesn’t need a permit but a light on a tripod outside in NYC requires $1,000,000.00 of insurance.

odd side note, the office is above david letterman’s studio and thank goodness, 2 blocks east and 1 block north of my home.

taking a picture outside on a street with one light on stand in NYC should not be this hard.

September 5th, 2008

Hordes & SK on a Thursday.

the first thursday night of september, the mob had found josef. it wasn’t expected, at least by me. i had been to the space before to see him talk, it was sparse. now, for a show/book of older work, it was a horde and it was worthy and overdue. the mob made the actual viewing of work pointless, yet everyone and myself were glad to be there, slammed together in the heat, watching each other more then the images on the walls, everyone just stared at that out of the corners of their eyes while they searched for the next friend or contact among the random photo loving faces in the crowd. everyone there seemed to know someone else there or someone they wanted to know. we all peeked around for josef, then acted like seeing the recluse in person wasn’t as special as it was once we got our peek.

SK found me in the crowd, i hadn’t seen her since her birthday or even had a call or email returned since that night either. she said hello briefly, quietly and then vanished into the horde.

i got a smuggled beer from friends, drank it down only for the story of it all and stepped upstairs for another show.

SK found me there again. somehow or another, i talked her into coming over for a portrait.

i always welcome september, year after year.

September 5th, 2008

Me, September 2, 2008.

#1RN – 3:24 PM

September 1st, 2008

Stories #2, Now Touchable.