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July 25th, 2007


i woke up monday around 10:30am. tuesday i had a job to fly to raleigh, nc and back, all in one day. so i got everything together slowly all day and tried to relax and go to bed early. nothing worked. i never fell alseep. so when it turned 4am tuesday, i got in a cab and went to the airport. i breezed through security and waited for the flight. then the panic started, i really am scared to fly these days even though i love to travel, ceretainly for work. maybe its my age, maybe its my fear of dying or pain, maybe its because i was lonely, maybe its because i have no control, i pay a large corporation a lot of money to treat me like shit and that company has no real consequences or concern for my death, injury or basic discomfort. maybe its extra time to just think too much. i got home around 9:15pm and didn’t even try to climb into bed till around 1:45am wednesday. so that’s 39h with no sleep and 711 images.
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