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September 12th, 2007


that’s will, he helped me on a shoot today. it was a good day, i got to meet an editor i haven’t met before, even though i have shot for him some 7 years. i also got to meet 2 ladies i also shoot for there on staff in the photo dept as it was a shoot of a writer at the mag itself. wild company, if i ever work in an office everyday, this is maybe the first i have ever been to that seemed pleasant in a sea of brain dulling creativity killing environments that seem to dominate every place i have to go make suit pictures…

it was also odd today as when we rolled up and i was unloading gear, will leaned close and said, ‘jodie foster is standing right behind you.’ i turned and sure enough, there she was getting into a big ol black suv’s backseast. gosh, she’s purdy. i remember seeing her for the first time in candleshoe (1977) and thinking, gosh, she’s purdy. 30 years ain’t got nothing.