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January 22nd, 2008


.i met you 6 years ago today, about 2.5h before i made this picture.

.i made this 5 years ago today, the last page in the last journal i completed. some how in photocopying all the pages of that journal before i gave it away, i neglected to or purposely didn’t photocopy these two last pages. i made them on our one year anniversary, i had never been with a woman for a year. if i did happen to copy them, these pages remained buried in one of too many unmarked boxes, even while you were still in my life. this past fall, long after you left and i had forgotten about this page or even if i had a copy of it, i saw the journal and made this copy.

.i made this on january 5, 2007, the last time i ever saw you, it is the last photograph i have made of you. i haven’t seen you in over a year and fear i never will again. it’s everything i never wanted to happen and worse.

.you are january.