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September 5th, 2008

Hordes & SK on a Thursday.

the first thursday night of september, the mob had found josef. it wasn’t expected, at least by me. i had been to the space before to see him talk, it was sparse. now, for a show/book of older work, it was a horde and it was worthy and overdue. the mob made the actual viewing of work pointless, yet everyone and myself were glad to be there, slammed together in the heat, watching each other more then the images on the walls, everyone just stared at that out of the corners of their eyes while they searched for the next friend or contact among the random photo loving faces in the crowd. everyone there seemed to know someone else there or someone they wanted to know. we all peeked around for josef, then acted like seeing the recluse in person wasn’t as special as it was once we got our peek.

SK found me in the crowd, i hadn’t seen her since her birthday or even had a call or email returned since that night either. she said hello briefly, quietly and then vanished into the horde.

i got a smuggled beer from friends, drank it down only for the story of it all and stepped upstairs for another show.

SK found me there again. somehow or another, i talked her into coming over for a portrait.

i always welcome september, year after year.