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October 12th, 2008

Atlantic Flyway Tournament.

sometime saturday i decided to try and make it to hopkins in kennedyville, MD on sunday for a one day competition in preparation for nationals. i needed the practice and had never been to hopkins, a staple of sporting clays, it would now be my 27th club. i reserved one of the last cars in nyc and tried to go to bed early. 2 movies later, countless games of solitaire and a few hours looking at your internet, i walked to get the car. another 3h drive and competition on no sleep, none.

awake 30h now, i arrive, warm up, eat, hit the course. i only had one bad station, missed 4 of 6, all me getting in my own way, same for every target missed today, all breaks in focus. the ones that made me nervous, i broke them all, it’s the ones i took for granted i missed.

82 of 100. a good day as score cards look best all X’s. 2nd of 13 in B Class. $ won and my first ‘punch’ or ‘point’ towards moving into A class, only 5 punches more to go. oh yeah, i also got my first plaque, jealous?

the woman handing it to me didn’t want to be photographed, but i made do.

quicktime video here
(let load for best results)