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November 18th, 2008

Shooting Safety Lesson.

Anthony Matarese Jr. | Part 1.

I have done many silly things to get a photograph: I have been hit with police batons, I once (accidentally) banged my head into a police baton that was being held stationary by the police at an entirely different event, I have dangled over the edge of a 20 story office building, I have placed lights (tied down) too close to edge of another office building, I have forgotten the super conductor I was photographing is a large magnet only to have some gear be sucked right in, same goes for an MRI room yet a different day and many more countless and forgotten foolishness. Yet today, when I did this, I never gave it a second thought. I know this place, I know shotguns and I know if there was anyone in the world that wouldn’t shoot me in this situation, it’s Anthony. Yet today when I sat down and made this little 2 minute movie, seeing just what was going on from a slightly different point of view, I wondered just how smart I really am…? (not worried once, not even just a little).

When shooting someone shooting, make sure they have a serious championship victory under their belt, or like Anthony, several victories.