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June 2nd, 2009

Shotgun Camera

touch the image above for a 40 second video

2 point & shoot digital cameras | each shot once | 12g | 1300 fps | 1 & 1/8 oz. | 7.5 shot

I shoot competitively in a sport called Sporting Clays and only in sanctioned/regulated tournaments. It is not a commonly known sport but is much like Olympic style skeet/trap shooting in that one uses a shotgun to shoot small clay targets thrown through the air in a very strictly controlled environment. I do not hunt or shoot animals in anyway and my shotgun will never kill anything but these clay targets or as on this one particular day, a couple point and shoot digital cameras. This was done under the watch of a Colonel in the National Guard with a specialty in artillery and on grounds used with the permission of the local sheriff.

While the video is only of one camera and one shot, two cameras were shot that day. Both cameras were actually live with video at the time of the shotgun blast however neither memory card could be located. Three of us searched for approximately thirty minutes to locate and collect all the parts but no memory cards were recovered although between the three of us, about 10 or so ticks collected on us.

I wanted to see what it would look like when a small point and shoot digital camera was hit with a 12g shotgun blast and to see what that camera saw. I will never know what the camera saw as the memory cards were destroyed or otherwise un-recoverable, but what the camera recording the event witnessed, is rather fascinating.

What were once antique trophies of technology and tools of creation will now take on a new life on my shelf of actual trophies. A new collection begins.

If anyone has any old digital cameras you would like to part with and send my way, please do so. My contact info is here. I will trade you an 8×10 print of what it looks like after it gets shot…