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August 17th, 2009

I Recently Received Three Gifts

touch the image above to see and listen for 63 seconds

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~tell_me_a_story: I broke up with a girlfriend in ’99. We were living together in San Francisco and the relationship had been on a year-long downhill slide. What finally happened was that I found out that she was cheating on me with someone she worked with–a particularly obnoxious guy at that. I immediately told her it was over and secretly I was relieved. We shared an apartment, so it was decided that she would move out. She found a room, but it wasn’t available for a week. We spent our last week together sitting down after work in the living room by the stereo, drinking beer, talking and listening to Summerteeth by Wilco, over and over and over again. We figured out where things went wrong and just how deeply incompatible we were, and mostly, how awful and unfixable we had made things over the last year. The music calmed us and seemed to steer the conversation. I saw her a few times after she moved out: a lunch, and I delivered a box of stuff from the apartment that was hers. The interactions weren’t the same without the music.

Hey, your photography rocks and your blog is a tremendous inspiration to me.

Thank you,

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~tell_me_a_story: I did a search for Texas FITASC looking for a shoot and found your site. The SF stuff made me homesick and the portraits made me ache. Lovely, exquisite, any more adjectives will blow it.

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Three unrelated gifts sent to me from across the internet.

Thank you, with all my heart. You know who you are.