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August 30th, 2009

An Afterward Forward

On The Hot Blue Texas Wind I Flew

please touch the image above to see and listen for 97 seconds



There was a hot hot blue blue wind blowing on me when I was just in Texas yesterday. There was also an emergency and the oxygen masks dropped from the ceiling. I was told to take a hold and breathe deeply and ignore the bag not inflating but instead for the first time in my life, amidst all my panic, I mistakenly pulled the emergency handle and jumped out a passage that I now believe or hope may not have really been there.


I miss that hot hot blue blue wind on my skin.


Looking out through the fake glass in these moments, I could still see the blue. Looking down at the floor around my feet, I could still see the blue. I could not however see the wind nor could I see the hot, this was shocking to me.