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November 30th, 2009

McDonald’s | West Chester, PA

McDonald’s | Posted August 26, 2006

I lived in West Chester, PA from 1988 to 1991. A guy I talked to on the school bus sometimes worked at this McDonald’s. I never really knew him well and cannot even remember his name, but once when my brother and I went through the drive through he gave us extra fries and apple pies. I ate here pretty often in high school once I learned to drive.

I don’t remember how I heard or the right order of things, but here’s the story as I remember it: The guy I knew was suppose to work one day but for whatever reason he couldn’t work a particular shift and switched. On the shift he was suppose to work, this McDonald’s was robbed. Someone came in at closing, locked the doors, tied up two employees and shot them while they were tied up and bound in the back somewhere.

I remember how different he seemed after it happened, he should have been working that night. The last time I saw him was walking home from the bus stop dressed in a shirt and tie, we talked in his driveway awhile as he just kind of stared at the grass, he had just come from a funeral.

Every time I go to West Chester I try to eat here or at least get a shake or something at the drive through, I am not really sure why, it just feels like something I should do.

McDonald’s | Posted September 13, 2006, Only 18 Days Later

Today I got an email from a woman named Cynthia, she allowed me to share it:

“I just wanted to comment on the story from August about the McDonald’s in West Chester…. My aunt was the manager that was shot and killed in that McDonald’s… It was in 1989… In January… If you have any other info please forward to me… Thanks…

I was floored. I thought maybe one or two of my friends read this site and I treat it as such. Now someone found me. Well, not me, but my story. She had been looking for info just like I had and she found my image and story. I emailed her back and told her that I too was unable to find much info about what happen and how I feel every time I see this McDonald’s.

“I was only 10 yrs old when she was killed but I remember the limited details I was told… If ya know what I mean… The guy who killed her is still in prison and hopefully he will not be getting out anytime soon. Eventually I will get the courage to go there. Thanks again for telling me your story… Oh and my aunt’s name was Jean Ryder… She was in her 40’s…


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