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December 31st, 2009

Burning, Burning, Burning

Los Angeles | The End of Summer | September 23, 2009

– – –

Two days earlier, I had driven to see the burn and not the fire and been turned away at every attempt. This day, I happen upon an area far from the other that looked like it should burn and burn soon, so I stopped and pretended it was already on fire or it was already burned.

I walked the winding path upward and stopped where it wound back upon itself. I photographed from this spot for 52 minutes never venturing more then a few feet this way or that.

I made one photograph towards the crest then turned and made a photograph towards the view. Within seconds I turned back toward the crest… There, not 10 feet away now sat a large, red and awfully silent fire truck. It had stopped short from running me over while my back was turned.

I looked at the driver and nodded out of shock to see him there so clearly through that giant glass windshield. He smiled and nodded back as I was now stepping out of the way to let it pass by. As it did, through the rear windows I saw many fireman’s faces, all laughing as they stared back at me through the glass.