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February 26th, 2010

The Bride Of Promise Lane

The Bride Of Promise Lane | New York City
Last September, I had a series of posts going up; one story every 12m for 24 hours, midnight to midnight. It was a beautiful story. Before this started, I had a week of posts counting down to this beginning, two posts a day for 7 days. These stories, these posts, told this way, were one of the most beautiful things I have ever created. About exactly half way through these posts every 12m, I stopped them. It was not to be.
This concept I had never quite done before, but felt familiar. When I got it, I posted them right away in one story in place of over 100 that were no longer. This was the story of Promise Lane. A roommate I had in 1993/1994 was about to be married. The week or two before the wedding in September 1994, I mailed a print, one a day, for 7 days, to her home where she was preparing for the day she was to be a bride. This home was on Promise Lane.
I lost touch with her in 1998. I told the story of Promise Lane on September 3, 2009. On September 8, 2009, only 5 days after the story was shared, I received an email from her. On February 24, 2010, 168 days after this email, almost 12 years after I last saw her and 15 years since I photographed her wedding,  I took her portrait.