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March 21st, 2010

This Day Is Crystal

March 18, 2010 | 8:47:23 PM | The Family Of My Brother

March 18, 1995 | (Written) October 24, 1997

It was my brother’s wedding night. I was the best man. I was to drive the big fancy town car to the reception. We all got in the car. My brother and his wife and her sister, the maid of honor. Just before we left the church for the long drive to the reception the wedding photographer took this picture of us. But just before he did my brother’s wife said, “This is so stupid.” My brother said nicely, “Shut up and smile.” They did. I started driving. When we got to the highway, I punched it. I drove until that white dotted line seemed solid. The maid of honor was squeezing my right arm. My brother and his wife were laughing in the back. I passed cars like they were rocks. I raced through that fucking Texas night like it was my last night on earth and that damn picture is the best one I’ve ever seen.

Fifteen years ago not so far from here on this night, I did again what I did then. Only tonight I was alone, the music was up, the windows were down and my foot was again on that floor. This fucking Texas night had no chance.

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