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May 24th, 2010

That Park That Has Two T

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In this place, the path does make, a place that there are two T.
At each T, there be a tree. Under each tree, at these T, you should see.

– – –

0.0 Miles | 79 Degrees | 8:03:43 AM – 502.9 Miles | 76 Degrees | 3:33:27 AM

19 hours, 29 minutes, 44 seconds

76 – 96 Degrees | 0 – 100 MPH | Fined By Texas =  $173

I first drove two hours North to test my will against myself. I was welcome among the strangers as I too had myself measured along side them although I was to fall very far short this day. I then drove three hours East to test myself again in a new place alone and unmeasured. I then drove further East to make photographs in a place I had been before, sweat a lot and plant two undeliverable yet direct gifts that may or may not be claimed. I emerged from this place in exhaustion only to find a King offering a short solace in water, food and good company in an oasis of green walls. I then drove South to enter a dark place I thought I could stare and also be welcome. I was to fall very short here too. So I drove West, to return to that place from which I started. I had raced through three cities this day, paced through this night and again found myself being measured only this last test was one without my knowledge. I failed it as well. This measure I received today I can say is accurate on all counts and all endeavors, I was measured at what I was, target for target and speed for speed.

– – –

To honor thy requests, it is only here I can confess.

It was in this place that I could hear the trains a coming. I did not even get low.

Those songs were so lovely but I fear I may be misunderstanding the words.