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June 17th, 2010


There Is No Other Place No Where In Particular I Would Rather Ever Be Again On This Earth

All Photographs May 31, 2010 | Near Bellville, Texas

A year ago this day, this moment I share this story, (8:04 AM EST, June 17, 2009/2010), I felt an earthquake. It was centered in Texas but only I felt it right there in #1RN in New York City.

I had been up all night making things. I was about to go to bed when it hit. I had never felt anything like it and by the nature of this particular phenomenon, I won’t ever feel it again just the same. It was the moment of a lifetime and I knew it, the very second it hit, I knew my life would never be the same. I didn’t realize I was the only survivor or participant.

Now, today, 365 days later I am in Texas and that epicenter is in New York City.

Now, today, if I allow myself, I can feel all of it, still, tremble after tremble.

– – –

This is the land of my blood, this is how Texas loves me.

There is a part of Texas I love like no other, even if I cannot find it or even if it cannot find me.