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September 11th, 2010

A Plane Up There

– – –

We were all sitting together on a deck overlooking the gulf. Up there in the air was a small old yellow war plane. It would go out towards the water and then swoop through that sky then come back straight at us, low and with it’s air show smoke turned on. It did this on our position twice and then we forgot about it and just went back to looking at that emerald water.

A few minutes later, we saw a patrol boat go screaming through the no wake zone at full speed. I told everyone it reminded me of the patrol boats in the Hudson only minus the machine gun mounted on the bow and how I would like to spend a day on that boat.

A few minutes after that, not but a few miles from the deck we had been on and less than one mile from where I was staying on the beach, we saw many more emergency vehicles on the water, the beach and the road. The crowds along the beach were all disturbed and lost in embraces.

That old yellow war plane had just gone down. Everyone on this beach by where I was staying saw it happen and the images of that yellow fire floating on that emerald water are on the internet should you desire.

The story we heard for the rest of the week in the places we went and from the people that were there was that there was to be a wedding the next day. The pilot was the father of a bride to be and that bride to be had been watching that old yellow war plane when it met that emerald water.

– – –

July 2, 2010

(these images are not that plane)