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October 10th, 2010

Four Men Maybe Named Michael

September 9, 2010

Two Men Waiting Alone, Two Men Walking Together

Made From The Driver’s Seat Of My Car As I Drove Alone | Once As I Drove & Once As You Drove

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Years ago I was at a small gathering after a screening. I was standing in a circle of three men, only one of which I knew. A fourth man walked up and joined our little awkward social circle the way it seems grownups do. I saw him immediately to my left but didn’t really see him as he was too close. The conversation broke and he turned and introduced himself to me, looking me right in the eyes as he shook my hand, “Michael.” “Jonathan,” I responded. I looked across the circle of us at the one man I knew. That man acknowledged with his eyes that yes, this Michael was exactly who I thought it was. It got quiet, I wanted to have a conversation with this Michael but all that could come to my mind this unexpected moment was to tell him thank you.

But I Didn’t & He Deserved One

We all stood there in this quiet little awkward social circle moment. A few more awkward moments passed and then we all walked away from one another, each one of us a different direction alone.

I Want To Go Skinny Dipping, I Have Never Been

Sitting here tonight when this song shuffled up, I tried to remember the year I stood in this quiet little awkward social circle, but I cannot. I can remember the first time I heard this song however, just like you probably can. The math of unrelated events tells me what is linked above was made within a month or two (or year) of this quiet little awkward social circle. He was wearing a different shirt the day we introduced ourselves to one another than the one he is wearing linked above. Tonight, I understand his shirt in a way I would not have then.