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November 3rd, 2010

100 Yards

One Bird In Flight | August 16, 2010

Before I slept and after I awoke I photographed birds in flight, not 100 yards from where I last photographed a bird in flight on the last day of the month of my birth. I then went the opposite direction of my home to a place where no home would welcome me. I made photographs in this place all day but only 3 for me in this city I’ve barely met. When I entered my chariot to return home, it informed me it was 109 degrees. I cannot be sure but that may be warmest temperature I have experienced. Inside me my blood was boiling.

Two Birds In Flight | August 15, 2010

Two People Having Their Portrait Made | 75 MPH | August 16, 2010

The Portraits I Made That Day It Could Have Been | 0 MPH | August 16, 2010

I Was There