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November 25th, 2010

Two Blue Pages

Two Letters I Did Receive, One Followed By Another, Years & Years Apart, Years Ago

– – –

I had no business at this wedding, I had invited myself. I didn’t know anyone very well, but the darkroom was down and I was lonely. I caught the garter, I wanted to keep it. I hadn’t known the tradition in that moment. I knelt down and handed my Leica® to the groom. I was nervous, she was pretty and had nice legs. Only looking at the photograph now do I see how far I could have gone up her leg. I would have liked to. Like I said, I thought she was pretty and had nice legs. I imagine it would have felt nice too. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a little blond girl looking at me strangely and at this same moment, I looked into the woman’s eyes I was knelt before, she was just looking back at me, softly smiling. It is the only garter I have ever caught or put on a woman.

The little blond girl was her daughter, or was, as I understood it. This is why I stopped just above her knee.

– – –

triumph of the swan

do it yourself doctors advanced australopithecus robustus red flannel sex in fifty six authorized abridgment early man myths tales more mystic shit mutt & jeff triumphant arch a very loud bass lightly colored lime green two by fours, four by fours suburban single houses for rent an organ, a calliope, raunchy carnival music surrounded by people all of whom are standing, staring. candy corn colored leaves straining to reach the ground held obstinately above by branches who are unwilling to lose their hold on spring. a photo-researcher fermat’s theorem le collezori giorgio armani innovation luggage a rothko a kodak rothko paloma picas for men an economy car fireplace fuel beard of grain electric catfish a leaning tower only not in pisa, a great unknown leaning tower overshadowed by pisa, a gratefully unknown leaning tower overshadowed by pisa. a red heart sent by juno to kill orion, leda nowhere in sight.

– – –

what have i promised
and not carried through?
what have you offered
that i have refused?
your words:
shadows on my soul.
your words:
devour my heart.
your words:
confuse my mind.
what have i done?
what have i done?

you say you could
never be
just my friend;
what does… friend… mean to you?
you say you
can’t say
love… to me;
what do… i… mean to you?

oh, lover, what can… i… give
to you?
here, friend, take all my love
for you.

you hurt me, too much… friend;
a cruel word and… i… am
bleeding… friend…
please, stop.

– – –

Two Blue Pages, One Right & One Left