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March 8th, 2011

Fake(r) Flowers

A man I know I do not know now 18 years wrote me a letter:

“List of prints I would like to see hanging in front of my face.”

This was a list of four photographs with a portrait of one. Three with no people and Yes, one of that One. Over 6000 photographs here and he wanted one of the two of that One. So I took great pause while still flattered. I told him that I had no intentions of ever selling that One but that given a new circle I now saw and the how and when of this circle, the story of him buying this One would make a lovely story. A circle if you will, For Me, where I did not have one. For him and only him as it has been 18 years.

I told him that I learned from the internet, that photographs of this One, “Modeling” sell for $____ per square inch. So I would sell him this photograph of her “Modeling” for me at that same price. This man knows about modeling, he photographs many of the Top “Models” in America. He told me he saw what I made of her and that made him want to fly and make a film about the One and I. This gave me great pause as well.

So I asked, do you know this One at all, do you have communication with this One at all and what do you see, Why this One and why Me, Now.

He responded,

“Dude what are you talking about?”

And there it was, he did not who the One is. So I gave him two words in an order and told him, search engine.

Some time then passed.

He responded,

“I do not want to buy that print anymore.”

My great pause and my circle were over. He loves his print of my fake(r) flowers.

– – –

True Story, just like all of them.
You see those flowers there though, those are fake. You Know, just in case anyOne still has doubts.