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October 10th, 2011



I Send Greetings + (Please Press Play)

“When the sun appears mid-sky three more times, I must be at Arizona.

What happens if you don’t get there in time?

Then they will go.

Without you?


What will you do then?

Then, I will die.”

It Took You Three Days, It Took Me Two, I Get Everywhere I Go, Early

– – –

Go forth naked and choose only the 7 tools that fit in your hand for this journey.

These 7 tools:

They just may create a new you from a lock of hair.
They just may let you send an important message.
They just may show you a map when you need it.
They just may allow you to defend yourself.
They just may resurrect a deer from the dead.
They just may heal the one you love when they are not well.
They just may be a gift from beyond to the half you man you made here.

My 7 tools:

I chose a lock of hair stored in a film canister from a married dominatrix I loved I never hired to hurt me.
I chose a freshly removed pair of underwear from a lap dancer I did not love I did hire to please me.
I chose a double-barreled shotgun so big it breaks speakers.
I chose 4 forever machines I don’t want to show you.

“Define beautiful: Beautiful is better than terrific.”

We were in a hotel room, I was watching you change. You were almost comfortable with this, but then weren’t suddenly even though you once were. You knew how I liked to just sit and watch, everything you did. You paused before you entered the bathroom to change out of my sight. You leaned on the wall and asked me a question because I had just repeated to you what you once said to me about your other, not really me:

“That’s word for word. You.. You remember everything you hear word for word?”

“Everything I hear, everything I see, everything… Everything this body feels.”

“There is something I must tell you, I gave you a baby tonight. Believe what I tell you.
A baby of your husband but also he will be my baby. He will know everything I know.”

– – –


I saw a family from here before I was in the back of a truck. They helped me, just like you.



I saw a home on wheels in which to hide, to pretend is mine, just like you.



I saw a beast on rails and I heard that beast on rails as it showed me the way, just like you.



I saw a place to take pause and measure all risk, just like you.

You walked through one fire to get here and did so with no scars. I walked through never-ending and am covered in them countless.

– – –

As I walked up to the rim, the edge of this place, I could feel the energy I wanted to and my body was reacting. This was a surprise as I hadn’t yet seen it with my own eyes. I put my tools away. I walked up to the edge and I stood on the edge and I looked. I had almost not been allowed but an imaginary line drawn by others changed the time for me as I headed west, allowing me this moment. I leaned over the edge, over the moved, pushed up earth in front of me. The wind here was taking me off my feet so I leaned into it harder. I dared it to do so again and I shut my eyes and let this wind burn my skin. I stayed there, looking up, looking down, looking around and let that wind hurt me all it could until the man asked me to leave. I was now out of time.

Touch Me To See What I Saw On This Circle In 111 Inches

I walked to my chariot. My skin was still burning and the air was the coldest I have felt in a very long time. There was no hot blizzard falling from the sky and no water falling around me that I could feel. Yet, I could see both from this place. No tool of mine can change any real thing and my rescue did not answer my transmission. The one I made before here nor the one I made from this place.

“I Make Maps”

I Want To Believe