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February 4th, 2012

Mikhail Baryshnikov & Willem Dafoe


I Can See My Shadow, Everyday & Everybody Blinks, All The Time


I saw the light and put that window to my right down all the way. I pressed the gas, harder. I outstretched my arm and made my machine ready. I didn’t even look at it or through it. I don’t need to anymore. When I needed to, I pressed the button, harder.

Somewhere this very night, there were two men, shirtless, pantless, barefoot & not angry in a field of tall green grass all burnt black with a single light shining down upon them all in yellow. These two men were fighting, these two men were trying to fucking beat one another with all their might. The blood and broken bones meant nothing any more, all that mattered was the breath in their hearts for they each wanted the others.