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September 30th, 2012

Gently Shaking Infinity


I took her to this place I hadn’t been before, well, for this. The room was filled with woman after woman after woman everywhere I looked. There was no man to be seen except the reflection of myself in the security glass we were about to walk through. I stood beside her watching her fill out the forms as I not so secretly wished I already knew these things about her. I would smile each time she looked up at me, gently shaking. I put my hand through her hair, over and over. I looked around again, there was no where for me to sit, the room was getting crowded and no one was looking at me, even she had stopped. They called her name and she went, I was not allowed. I looked at the chair she had been in that was now quietly empty but I knew it wasn’t for me. I walked outside and looked for a place to sit.

There was no place and all the buildings around this place were bricked and without doors or windows or stoops. So I walked across the street, sat down in the shade right there on the stained concrete and leaned my back into the hard hard hard yellow bricks. I looked up the blue sky, the red bricks across the street and back up at the yellow ones over my head. I slumped down so my elbows rested on the sidewalk with only my head now resting on those hard hard hard yellow bricks. I thought about how nice the breeze was, how cool the shade was and I thought how wonderful it will be to see her face again soon.

Suddenly I was hot. Suddenly it was blindingly bright. Suddenly I could no longer feel the hard hard hard bricks on my back nor head. Suddenly my face was all wet. I pushed my face up off that stained concrete, I straightened my clothes and stood up, wiping my drool off my cheek. I leaned back on the wall, started waiting all over again and thought how hot it was and thought how I missed that breeze and thought how time really is nothing I understand.

I don’t know if she was still your wife then or if the papers had already been signed.

I also didn’t know I wouldn’t see her again after this night that was about to begin.