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May 26th, 2013

Leap, Plank


I Was Almost There, Half Way In Fact, When I Received An Unexpected Letter



I Stopped, I Read This Letter, I Continued



When I Got To Where I Was Headed, I Was Hot & I Was Alone



“Took a nap and had a dream. A wet dream. I was bound and my hands tied behind my back in a hotel room. I was naked. I was not alone. I could not see you but I could feel you, smell you, and hear the soft flicker of a [machine]. My body was penetrated at every opening. With every flicker of the [machine], with every stroke, with every pressure of penetration I became more aroused until I could no longer hold my body, until I no longer had the energy to make another sound. I collapsed into a ball on my side. I awoke hot and alone.”