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July 11th, 2019




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This Is The Anniversary Of A Choice

This Is Year Number Twelve

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

I looked at my love sleeping next to me, exhausted in the pain.

In that very moment I looked away and I promised myself that on this day next year, I would spend the day creating something at the limits of my ability.

I have done this on this exact day every year since.


This year old loves and loves I never knew sent me themselves from all over the world for me to have, for this day. My source, my mother, gifted me two drawings made this day. My brother’s daughter let me photograph her too. Then I went to where the water is called emerald and then to a place where the water is called black…


Then on this anniversary of all days I was attacked and stopped by a man with a uniform and a gun while photographing trees and that water they call black.


Someone called me black this day too.



I Kept My Oath

Sgt. William Cortez Dunsford Jr. Broke His



“Tyrant Alert” is language used on YouTube to warn the public of officers who are out of control, breaking their oath to the Constitution of The United States of America, and or pose an unregulated threat to the community they are failing to protect by openly breaking laws while wearing their badge.

These are the events of 11 July 2018 only as:


I allege.

I remember.

I experienced.

I documented.


On July 11, 2018 in Blackwater River State Park, I was attacked by three such men who were then backed by an information system within their department that lied about the existence of public records. These three men had no problem falsely reporting my race, witnessing fellow officers break the law, and falsifying charges all while being video recorded. The actions of these 3 Sheriffs and one unknown, un-named employee at Santa Rosa County Sheriffs Department have collectively silenced and mis-directed the public accountably and safety. Given the ranks and repeated behavior of this Department, I ceased all contact trying to hold them accountable out of fear for my safety. I have reported the attack to the FBI and the ACLU. I will live the rest of my life in fear that more false charges will be filed, that I personally will again be hunted and attacked by these specific officers, their unions, and the Santa Rosa County Sheriff Department. I have witness these exact things begin to happen across the country. Those with cameras to authority are routinely targeted, harassed, and or often accused of being pedophiles or terrorists as excuses to cause harm under the color of law while ignoring the law. It is real. Look around.


This department has publicly doxxed me, slandered me, libel me forever with unfounded, undocumented, disgusting hearsay, by an unknown, un-documented, likely non-existent, “complainant” and contrary to all witness statements about me they tried to coerce long after they attacked and falsely arrested me. They searched my phone and cameras without permission or warrant. They held my recordings for evidence they then never provided my lawyer on discovery.


I am sharing only the portions of the video for my safety and legal reasons that show some of the direct lies by SGT Dunsford who repeatedly states that I am correct about not showing ID then attacks and illegally arrests me anyway for not giving him ID. I was under no legal obligation to ID at any time. I am also sharing how SGT Dunsford gets in my face baiting violence while not letting me create distance, chases me around the parking lot with his hands hidden while I walk backwards for my safety from him. Dunsford later claims I got in his face yet this man is entrusted to detain, arrest, and kill based only on his word and is openly lying on video – repeatedly. Dunsford would also go on to falsify the entire arrest report.


I can only imagine the countless lives that have been ruined by Sheriff Departments like this one.


In June 2018, I finished a rigorous and extensive 6 month application process to be a photographer for a different Sheriff Department. I was chosen #3 of 10 finalists of 100’s. I am background check often by various places for various levels and assignments. My fear was not being ID, my fear was being needlessly and falsely added to facial and criminal act databases when I have not done anything.


I respect the law and did not break any. SGT. Dunsford, LT. Phillips, and DEP. Doggette did.


I share this as everyday, I see officers who openly break the law and it must end. Until it happens to you, I fear you cannot understand the terror, PTSD, social, and financial horror these fake arrests create. They further the hate of law enforcement endlessly, deeper, and dangerously.


Lt. Scott Phillips, Sgt. William Dunsford, and Dep. Mason Doggette:


Stalked me, menaced me with deadly and debilitating weapons,
blocked my freedom of movement, assaulted me, molested me,
tortured me, kidnapped me, extorted me, imprisoned me, robbed me,
slander/libel my name forever, searched my property without
my consent, erased/altered/stopped video, and they threaten
3 people 4 times using my device after they attacked and falsely arrested me.


Radio traffic shows I was reported by Dunsford as a “BLK MALE.”


I am red-ish headed, fair skinned, white man.


Press Play.


They claimed I was photographing children in the park. I was not and I was never anywhere near any.


Almost a month after the false arrest, they tried to coerce two professional female lifeguards from the lake that day that I did this.

Both swore, because it was true, that they never saw me photograph children.

Every Single Frame I Made Is In The Video, All Memory Cards Preserved

Not That They Asked To See & Only Searched Illegally After Attack, To Find Nothing


They claim there was a “complainant” that stated I, “Didn’t appear to have any children of my own present.” They seem to claim that since I have no children, I should not be allowed in the park with cameras.


Maybe If I Had Made A Difference Choice 12 Years Ago, I Would Not Have Been Attacked