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June 26th, 2007

the heart gallery

i had been up for over 24h already and photographed the girls during the middle of the night, i guess it was a good warm up or distraction for the images i needed to make today. a friend asked me to photograph for the HEARTgallery that works with kids that are up for adoption and using photographs of the kids, tries to find them loving homes.

i thought about it for weeks and at the last moment agreed to take part. tall order, make a photograph of someone in 15 minutes that you have never even met or seen before that is powerful enough for some stranger to see, fall in love with, and then offer them a home. such responsibility to have on ones shoulders, but it works. many kids have been adopted using this method and it gets to the very basic reasons i first realized the power just one photograph can have. the right picture in the right place can change peoples lives.

practically falling asleep at the wheel, i got to NJ over an hour early, pretty usual drill, but had the start time wrong, so was even earlier then intended. i had begged poor L to help me, not so much help, but be around and keep me as chill as i can be. the girl hates having her picture taken and at one point while setting up and having her stand in, we got video taped, as this happened, i thought she would pass out, the room was hot as hell and she was already almost crying from the fear of having me take her picture at all, now she was being video taped while i took her picture, classic….

this is us, trying to do our part in a very good thing.