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July 27th, 2007

a nyc woman

i turned the corner to catch the train and she just appeared in front of me. it’s nyc, so beautiful people are everywhere and often little is left to the imagination, but every so often, there’s something remarkable about the moment you see someone you’ve never seen before. i took a picture the moment i realized this was happening and then put my camera away and forgot i even really took it. she was walking as fast as i was and went to same train i did. 7th ave and 18th st. i tried to get around her on the stairs as her shoes slowed her descent into the subway, but i had large prints and couldn’t fit around her. after the turnstiles, i saw her sit down on the bench in the middle of the platform and that was that, i kept walking to the end of the train towards the last car, where i always go. the train came, i got in and sat down. a couple moments later i saw her sit down in the crowded car directly accross from me. she sat calmly looking around at everything but me. 23rd, 28th, 34th. then at 42nd she stood up. her skirt was so short that as she stood there was a flash of white panty. then she disappeared into the city.

red shoes, red bag, black hair, white panties, lots of freckles.