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October 15th, 2007

2007 Endless Mountain Fall Classic

i have now shot at 22 clubs, and taken the same picture of myself at 20 of them. one of these two shots will be the one for:

FACTORYVILLE, PA (Factoryville Sportsman’s Club)

it was a beautiful day, a beautiful pennsylvania day. overcast with patches of blue sky, 50 degrees, a light rain every so often, and it was in the pocono mountains, so every turn had rolling hills and trees everywhere…
PA = true love.

when i own land in PA, it will look like this.

wow, have you ever seen so many 0 on a scorecard? (each one is a missed target). damn, i just don’t get better. 68 of 100 for 9th place out of ten in C class. i just couldn’t find so many targets, and they weren’t that hard, well, i mean, they were, or i would of hit them, but i am a good 20 targets off pace for my class and myself. it’s obviously me. everything felt right too, that’s what’s so frustrating. nevermind all this $ spent i may as well just set on fire. now, my goals today were experience and to get warmed up for nationals, but damn, i should see the writing on the wall for me and competing already, i just want to do so well, but forget my scores reaching a plateau, they yo yo so far up and down it’s truely baffling. i shot the 5 stand event, got a 39 of 50, 1st place C class out of 3 shooters. i was 10 targets ahead of the next shooter. i am ridiculous.

i’d call myself a horse’s ass, but since the clubhouse had mounted a deer’s ass above the toilet in the bathroom, i think the term for me today is definitely, DEER ASS.