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October 4th, 2007

4 weeks from today

NATIONALS – sporting clays – starts in texas, 300 targets in 4 days, a special 100 target cup prior to that, so at least 400 tournament level targets. i will be there, so its time to start putting in the practice. this is a larger, more respected and more important event then the worlds was in the spring, this will be sick. if i get the cash, may try FITASC too. making it 500 targets in 5 days, all at the national level. no other competition awards as deep or means as much as placing at NATIONALS.

midhudson clays, new platz, ny. 250 shells of practice, and my first attempt at FITASC, i got a 15 of 25, those targets are fucking hard. not to mention the new rules to follow.

i won’t bother to explain it all. but damn, rules rules rules and far far far targets.