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December 4th, 2007


cleaning the journal table made me actually get to the journal under it all or on top of it all, depending on the day. after seeing another journal of mine recently that i had given away, it seems the journal is on the brain quite often lately. part of me misses making them, actually making something with my hands that i can touch. while the other part of me finds i cannot escape how distant everything in them feels, the content itself and the aesthetic. they are mine, and i remember every nook and cranny detail of making the pages and all the pictures, but when i hold it or look at them, it’s like it isn’t mine just the same.

i stopped dating pages this time and skipped around from page to page, unlike the others where i did a spread at a time till it was done and moved on. so at least 3 of these following spreads aren’t even done. i stopped it on 1/23/05, i’ll save that 8 of 8 spread till 1/23/08. i didn’t stop on that date consciously for any reason, even though the date is a significant one, it’s just how it happened.