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December 5th, 2007

me 1992

when i was a freshman in photo college, freshman weren’t allowed to check into the studios or check out medium format cameras. so the very first day of official classes my sophomore year, i did both. having spent the summer thinking of different ways to light someone and since i didn’t know anyone all that into letting me practice light on them all day, i shot myself. broncolor and an RZ for the first time. it was a fun day.

granted there isn’t much that can be done with lighting thats all that ‘new’ to an extent, and i by no means am saying i did either of these before or better then anyone, but i recently saw this exact set up (above) on the cover of a big entertainment magazine with a celebrity and it made me laugh, remembering this picture i made of myself the last time i let my hair actually grow.

so unless you’re one of the rare photographers that just somehow manages to overwhelm the lighting style done before you so many times, everyone calls it ________ lighting, just keep doing what you want, only tweak it or overwhelm the world with it so they think its yours. see what i mean, i did this years ago and actually very differently then ________, it’s not even so very different then above, before ________ had overwhelmed the style so much, you cannot think of anything but the lighting and who did it before you and better, after they learned it from someone else then tweaked it. so until i find something i like or grow the ability to overwhelm the world with it, i’ll keep playing.