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December 13th, 2007

a wednesday night in nyc.

email a friend far away in CA a silly song for his birthday.

wait around till it’s time to leave for event.

wait for bus 20 min, when it doesn’t show, go to train.

walk from 8th to 10th ave in fancy shoes.

walk in past books and everyone into the back room where the party is.

walk around party, no one looks at you or talks to you, you look at everyone, wish to talk to them all but don’t.

note all the names and faces and dresses.

notice all the walking art that doesn’t notice you.

see PLD. see criag mcdean. see all the students from the school you cannot get into.

see more fashionistas and photo dorks then there really should be in the world and let it go, you’re one too.

see all the people that must be the people behind the people, the ones you would rather know of then the man himself. the ones that get shit done yet remain faceless.

stop staring at them as they notice you trying to notice them.

look for people you know or hope to see there, but don’t.

pay for book on CC you shouldn’t have brought.

confirm your little copy is presigned as designed to avoid the awkward.

walk around and look at big beautiful prints by t.ruff that he stole off the internet and claims are his now.

walk out, squeeze past pld and cmd smoking and go wait for bus.

get home, flip thru all 1000 pages, take dumb snaps, email those that should of gone with you.