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March 5th, 2008

dear photographer.

.blindspot is old, i got the below today, but i like how blindspot set the bar so high in directness compared to an overly uncomfortable email simply saying the same thing and asking me to give them $.

Dear Photographer:

Thank you for submitting your work for consideration for _________. _______ received 545 submissions to __________. The overall quality of the submissions was very high and the jury had a difficult time choosing the projects. We regret to inform you that your work was not accepted this year.

We are truly honored to have had the opportunity to view your submission and were moved by the strength of the majority of the projects. You are strongly encouraged to apply to __________ in the future, as different picture professionals make up the selection committee each year. This year’s jurors’ statements are available online at

You are a valued member of our photographic community, and we greatly appreciate your interest in ____________. We hope that we can support your growth as a photographer, perhaps through other programs and offerings of ___________. If you feel you would benefit from the the professional connections and discounts we offer, please join us as a ________ member. You can sign up online at http://___________________.

We wish you much success with your photography and look forward to seeing your work again.

With highest regards,

_______________ ______________________
Programs Director Operations and Marketing Director