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February 26th, 2008

5 days.

.fly from JFK to orlando, fl. drive from orlando to lakeland, fl, then from lakeland to st. cloud. wake up early the next 3 days and each day drive from st. cloud to okeechobee, fl and back, the last day, drive back to orlando and get on a plane back to JFK.

.592 miles driven in 4 days, with one good samaritan stop for the guy that fell asleep on 441 heading towards me at 6am. i thought i had seen lights make a turn in the dark to the left, but when i got there, there was no road, he had driven off into the brush and a into tree….

.2008 clay target count: 825.
.good samaritan stops in the last year from clay shoots: 2.

.245 pictures, 131 of which made on the phone and out of boredom in the cab home out the window trying to avoid the sickness of returning to NYC, the frustration of the cab ride itself and wishing i was already heading somewhere else again instead of back into the city.