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June 2nd, 2008

old loves get new homes.

today, i sold my colnago cyclocross, someone got a great deal. i built it in 03 and drooled over it on a hook in my apartment for years, yet never rode it. it was time to trade it in for $ for other passions.

it sold on ebay to someone from brooklyn. turns out he is a photographer too, imagine that. worked for more names then i ever could, that any photographer would admire and seems to be somewhat of a lighting genius from what i can gather about to head out on his own.

he picked the colnago up from my apartment at about 3:45 today.

after he left, i boxed up and walked the contax T3 and panasonic LX2 to fedex, sent them off and hit the deli on the way home. i always watch the bikes zoom down 9th ave as i wait to cross, there is always something to see. guys from the park heading home on $$$ machines of bike beauty or messengers dodging the traffic.

just as i started to cross 9th, at 5:05, i saw a guy come flying through my intersection, screaming through before the red light blinked on, it was my colnago, just feet in front of me, zooming on by, he looked quite happy…

it takes less then 10 seconds to go from 52 to 51 down 9th ave in front of my place, and i just happen to be there for those few seconds he rode by, 1h and 20m after i handed it over. this is why i tell stories.

for the first time in 11 years, i am bikeless. 5 down to zero, #1RN = bicycle graveyard.