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May 13th, 2008

Brian S.

With Out You

Brian Smale – #52

I remember when I first got to NYC, Brian was one of the first photographers I went to meet to assist in 1998. I took the G train from my area of Brooklyn to his, on this ride, I saw a man die only to have the train doors bing bong and leave a small crowd there on the platform staring at the poor man and waiting for help. I only worked for Brian once, the drive home was a fun experience in seeing NYC driving versus NYC taxi driving, no one was hurt, but I was highly entertained. The shoot was of Seth Godin, I shot Seth a few months ago, Brian’s image that I helped make is all over Seth’s gear and site, this many years later, now it was my turn to shoot Seth. Brian was in town today and unexpectedly got in touch, we got food, swapped stories and he let me buy him dinner so I could take his picture. Fair trade, one dinner = 3 frames. This is frame #3, the 52nd person for With Out You.