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June 5th, 2008

I Miss Happy Accidents.

with film and traditional silver printing, BW or color, there were lots of chances for mistakes to cause happy accidents. bad processing, light leaks, things wet and stuck together then peeled apart. the risks often lead to pretty interesting results, some even made careers of implying accidents or celebrating and recreating the look of them. with digital, so far, i have found only flaws, not happy accidents. this is not an argument against digital, just an observation. the main issue is dust, now easier to remove in post. the other is this new gem i had on a job recently, moire. that i didn’t catch until it was too late. shit.

moire is caused when the textures of a fabric or something are almost the same size as the pixels, or at least it has to do with that relationship. i hear the step to correct is either to change lenses or step forward or backward a little. once and a while it happens and there’s nothing else to do about it. i missed it this time, not good. i am sure there is a clever trick to do it on purpose, but doing it with intent and doing it cause you missed it aren’t the same thing.

the girl above, i forgot to reset the ASA from one situation to the next, so this, combined with water on the lens, got me an image several stops overexposed, so hit auto adjust, again and again, see if it starts to get interesting…. not as interesting or unpredictably beautiful as a good old fashion light leak, but i guess its something to watch software attempt to correct. play sometimes equals learning things, other times, it’s just playing.