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September 19th, 2008

Mr. Witten.

so last night i was watching good will hunting, sitting there thinking i should take a crack at ‘fine art math’ simply because the idea of such a thing seems about as top tier thinking that may exist, not to mention the shear beauty of the words ‘superstring theory’ and whatever it is that must look like, i bet its beautiful. all this appealed to me. that is as far of course as these thoughts went, it took me 14 years to get a BFA, that should tell you right there about my abilities with math.

in the film, the prize of Field’s Medal was tossed around. i thought it was made up as i don’t tend to know science awards as well as i know other random information. i am of course quite wrong i discovered today in researching and fact checking a man i photographed a few years ago that got requested from my library today. i remember going to the ‘Institute for Advanced Study’ and thinking it almost all seemed made up, i mean really, are people this intelligent?

they are, well, this man is, mr witten. he won the fields medal in 1990, the first physicist to win the prize. i knew the gravity of the man when i photographed him, but still, glad i didn’t read too much before hand, sometimes it’s not good to know exactly how much smarter then you someone is. not at first.