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December 10th, 2008

Riggi | Cincinnati Magazine

John Riggi | Silver Cup Studios – set of 30 Rock | August 13, 2008
John is the co-executive producer of 30 Rock, is from Cincinnati and has been involved in Family Guy, the Larry Sanders Show and Will and Grace. He’s a smart and funny dude obviously. It was a good day, despite the challenges of being on a set where we couldn’t really touch or move or plug in or turn on anything.
We got off one lit shot then the union found us, or more accurately, a different union guy said no after the first one said yes. I thought we got them on our side with Riggi’s pull to turn on the studio lights for shot #2, but no dice. We were done. It would of been a beautiful shot in this spot. All that gear is all the TV stuff, one light on a stand is all I did or needed, mixed with all those different light sources, that color would of been beautiful. I didn’t even need to touch that diffusion, it was all as if it was set up for me. Turn on the lights please. It just wasn’t meant to be so I went with no lights at all.

Reminding me why I rambled about the shoot in an email with the magazine, I got another bio: