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February 2nd, 2009

3 Years of Clays

In 2006, the year I started competing, I shot 1700 registered targets. I shot in everything I could and eventually got demoted to the absolute bottom, E Class.

In 2007, I shot 3200 registered targets. I shot in everything I could and more, 35 tournaments that year with Nationals being the only focus. I went from E Class up to C Class, but fell short in my quest to place in any event at Nationals. At Nationals I even placed 11th in one event that went to 10th, all in C Class.

In 2008, I shot 1700 registered targets and 6,860 total. I didn’t expect to shoot much this year, but for varying reasons and all last minute, I ended up at some Big Blast tournaments (more competitors, more $, better trophies, harder targets). I went from C Class to B Class. I then made it to Nationals again. Only this year, I was 14th of about 200 in both the MAIN event and 5 STAND, 2 of the 3 events I entered. All in B Class, a harder division then 2007.

My personal, engraved Nationals trophy finally made it to #1RN. It only took 3 years and 6600 registered targets.

I have 3 of the 8 punches I need for A Class. I have zero plans and goals for this year. (so far).

I keep a clay target from each day that I shoot, competition or practice. On that clay I write the date, location and number of targets attempted. I have 142 here, and the pieces of about 8-10 targets I knocked over that were my first, so about 150 days of shooting.

9/2005 – 11/2008, according to the records on my clays, I have shot 17,332 targets.