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February 23rd, 2009

Gawker, Bag, Me and Mr. Madoff

Two more reasons I like the internet:

Gawker Says:

“One guy making money from the whole Bernie Madoff debacle: the photographer who took some boring photos of Madoff for a Fortune article ten years ago. Suddenly everybody wants to buy those pictures! The lesson: take photos of as many people as possible, because at least a few of them are bound to become famous villains.”

BAGnewsNotes Says:

Visual culture and media is scrambling now to capture and represent the near-depression we’re in. In that net, of course, we can expect a lot of faces of victims and villains. I had several strong and immediate associations to this image given its relationship to current circumstances. Before you click through and see where I went, however, how does the image read to you?

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