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March 10th, 2009

Art of Food | Kentucky

The Art of Food | The Carnegie Arts Center | Covington, KY

“This unique two-week exhibition attracts the art and culinary masters in the area, to create the best art, food and atmospheres. The exhibition opens with a Grand Event to initiate the run of his exhibition. Top chefs from the greater Cincinnati area, fantastic local artists and actors and the public will come together to experience the dynamic way in which food comprises an art form.”

I was asked by a friend to have my 150 Meals in a show he was curating. It was to take place in Kentucky. Before he was even done asking me, I think I had bought a plane ticket. Who wouldn’t want a slide show of any kind in Kentucky?

“Jonathan Saunders likes to tell stories (there’s a puzzled and puzzling portrait of Bernie Madoff on the cover of CONDE NAST PORTFOLIO; for TIME, here’s Bill Gates adjusting his still geeky glasses. With us, he’s sharing 150 Meals. It’s the story of what Jonathan ate. Plate by plate, the story unfolds: Jonathan eats out (a lot) – and he doesn’t always eat his vegetables. Compelling, and weirdly appetizing, these plates leave you yearning for a culinary life (like his) – in New York City, where we too could choose Mexican for breakfast, Indonesian for lunch and Croatian for dinner.” – Kate Gallion

I did well at the event considering it was really just a small sampling of food to taste. I managed to eat about 15 plates (they were small), only drop 3 and walk around with a napkin stuck to the bottom of my shoe for a mere 20 minutes. I like Kentucky.