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April 3rd, 2009

I Want to be Like Mike

Mike was interviewed for a magazine. This magazine wanted to run a photograph with the article. When no existing photographs of Mike were found that were suitable, the magazine informed Mike at 11:38 AM that they did not have the budget to include a photograph of him. At 11:42 AM, just 4 minutes after hearing the budget for the shoot, Mike said he would cover the cost. It should be noted that Mike has nothing to gain from being in this article or this magazine. It should also be noted Mike is already considered one of the best in his field here in New York City, so if you are involved in any accounting irregularities in the securities and financial reporting world, you better hope you never meet Mike.

Mike was more dapper, gentlemanly, enjoyable and well put together then most men who wear suits on television playing the type of man Mike actually is… I want to be like Mike and so should you.