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April 6th, 2009

#1RN | Cadence T

Cadence T | #1RN | Without You #71 | 4/2/09

(one minute video)

April 2 is Cadence’s birthday. I didn’t know Cadence until this day and I didn’t know the 2nd was her birthday until she was here and until I was already in the middle of taking her portrait. This made it more important somehow, to both of us, although likely for different reasons that don’t actually matter, the mood shifted and this was a good thing.

She had called me up a day or two before and asked if I would be interested in taking her portrait to which I replied, “Yes, I would be very interested, but only if you are doing this for you and for me and not because of any odd ill intentioned reasoning or to hurt my friend ______.” While I had not met her before or spoken to her before, she and a friend of mine were once in love with each other and now were no longer. This much I did know. He had talked about me and introduced her to my stories, which she now follows even though they haven’t been together for some time now. She assured me it was for her and for me, so obviously I was fascinated to photograph her once this was now out of the way. It seems while she knew the following, I did not… The first time I met our mutual friend, was also April 2nd, the same day I first took his portrait here in #1RN one year ago to the day.

I cannot make this stuff up, this is why I like to tell stories. One of many reasons anyway… as it turns out my connections to my new friend Cadence did not stop here.

About 48h after leaving #1RN, I get another interesting story from Cadence in an email. It turns out she was once photographed by my friend Joshua 13 years ago long before Joshua was even known to me and long since they had forgotten about each other. Only did meeting me and seeing that Joshua was now my friend did this memory spark for her. At some point in 1996, Joshua photographed Cadence in an elevator here in NYC. Although their meeting was brief, Joshua had it in his heart to mail her a print. As is his way still today, he spent hours composing the text on the mailing labels and the text on the included letter on his typewriter… even going on to apologize for the lack of color correction in the print.

This is why I tell stories, this is why I love my friends.