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May 12th, 2009

File | Madoff on TV | File

It may not be obvious in these photographs, but that silver square there is where my television here in #1RN hides. Right between the filing cabinets and under the work table. The chromes of Madoff sat in the file to the right almost 10 years before they got to be on the television next to them, living again to be seen by millions. Both images on the television in these photographs are mine, the less seen one is now no longer under the radar. The boxes above even contain all the original Polaroids from the Madoff shoot as I never throw anything away, even ones of the stand in.

PBS Frontline did a good show and I was proud to be a part of it… I just wish they had credited me correctly and not aligned my name with a company I have nothing to do with… or, there is another Jonathan Saunders that contributed, there do seem to be too many of us out there.