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April 30th, 2009

80 Years & 3 Days

San Antonio Gun Club | April 21, 1929 & April 24, 2009

Eighty years and three days after this image was made, I shot my first ever perfect round of skeet at the San Antonio Gun Club, just where that image so long ago was made, everyone in it trying to do what I had just accomplished in the exact same spot. I did this after my worst day in a competition ever just twenty-four hours earlier and just before beginning the main event at the World English Sporting Clays Championship elsewhere in San Antonio. I also got to shoot two days at the Hill Country Shooting Sports Center, an official United States Olympic Training facility in Kerrville, TX. I was in Texas 8 days, shot 6 of those days, shot 3 competitions at the World’s and attempted to shoot exactly 900 targets by the time it was all over. I met many different people from all walks of life and beliefs from all over the country… and of course, the world – all trying to do just what I was.

touch the shells below to play 1m 30s video from Worlds: