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June 3rd, 2009

CR | A Promise Kept

* – recipient’s name has been removed from the photographs

I made a promise a few weeks ago to send 25 prints to someone. Today, I walked that box of prints to where they work and had it sent up to them in the fancy building and walked away.

I had printed the word fragile on the label. Because of this, the building staff would not accept it and were going to call the recipient down to get it from me. Normally I would applaud this effort however since what I was doing was already awkward enough, (I had not seen or spoken to this person in months, they had no idea this was coming and I preferred it this way) I crossed out the word fragile with a pen. This only led to more chaos. So I now have the signature of the messenger center as having received it, but in what state and if it ever reaches the intended recipient, I’ll never know… I am okay with this.